Sweatshirt "Echo", oversized casual unisex sweatshirt with embroidery. How do We Pack It Up
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From the people
From the people
Great quality, professional service, unique design! I wanted to give a special gift to my wife, who was born in Ukraine, and I found Impact. Even though the product shipped from Ukraine, I received it quicker than I expected. I would definitely recommend it to my friends and shop here again.
— Kaan Vatansever
From the people
I like it and it is very comfortable! Thank you.
— Matt
From the people
Super comfy hoodie! Very cozy! All clothing I bought from ImpactClothed are brilliantly well made! Thank you so much!
— Ines Schmid
From the people
These guys know how to make their customers happy: great clothes, efficiently shipped. I ordered late and it still arrived in time for me to put it under the tree. Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to all.
— Katherine Gardner 
What is "Impact"?  Classic Black and Gray Hoodie

What is "Impact"?

Hello, we are Andrii and Marina Shulyk, co-founders of clothing brand "Impact".

It's a family business based in Ukraine. Our journey started in early 2020, and now we have almost 20 people in our team. Everything you can see here is created from scratch in a small town of Kalynivka, near Vinnytsia.

We take our craft with love and responsibility, that’s why we use only high-quality materials for our production. We create a design of every model by ourselves.