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Embroidered T-shirt, 3/4 sleeves and Shorts with pleats


Color: Milky

Size Guide

Size Guide Embroidered T-shirt

  1/2 Chest Shoulder + Sleeve Length
S 56 cm 22.04 inch 47 cm 18.5 inch 60 cm 23.6 inch
M 60 cm 23.6 inch 49 cm 19.3 inch 65 cm 25.6 inch
L 64 cm 25.2 inch 51 cm 20.1 inch 68 cm 26.7 inch
XL 68 cm 26.7 inch 52 cm 20.5 inch 70 cm 27.5 inch
XXL 72 cm 28.3 inch 52 cm 20.5 inch 72 cm 28.3 inch

Size Guide Shorts with pleats

26 inch
  1/2 hip 1/2 waist 1/2 waist MAX Length
XS 47 cm 18.5 in 31 cm 12.2 in 34 cm 13.4 in 45 cm 17.7 in
S 50 cm 19.7 in 34 cm 13.4 in 37 cm 14.6 in 45 cm 17.7 in
M 54 cm 21.3 in 37 cm 14.6 in 40 cm 15.7 in 46 cm 18.1 in
L 58 cm 22.8 in 39 cm 15.4 in 42 cm 16.5 in 47 cm 18.5 in
XL 62 cm 24.4 in 43 cm 16.9 in 46 cm 18.1 in 48 cm 18.9 in
XXL 64 cm 25.2 in 46 cm 18.1 in 49 cm 19.3 in 48 cm 18.9 in


How to choose size?

Measurements in the size chart indicate clothes parameters, not your body. For the best results, you can take your favorite t-shirt and make the same measurements, just compare them to the size chart. If you still have questions — send us a message, we have a huge experience in helping with the size.


Non-brushed three-thread fleece

Knitted non-brushed material, without a warm layer. This fabric has loops on the reverse side. Three-thread fleece shows excellent performance in use, retains its shape and color after washing, and does not form pills.

Contains: 80% cotton, 20% polyester. 

Care guide
  • Turn the garment inside out before washing.
  • Select a washing mode of 30-40 degrees, preferably a delicate cycle.
  • Use quality laundry detergent for colored items.
  • Spin at 600-800 rotations per minute.
  • Do not use bleach.
  • Do not put in the dryer.
  • Avoid drying on hot radiators.

Processing: we are relatively small manufacturer, and not all our items are permanently in stock.

Most items are produced as soon as we get your order. Please note, that it takes up to 4 working days to process your order.

Shipping: we use combined shipping to USA and Canada. That means, your package travels from Ukraine to USA facility.

Upon arrival to USA, you will be able to see tracking progress. It normally takes 7-10 days. Please email us if you need more information. Email:

Premium Quality Ukrainian Embroidered T-shirt

Meet the T-shirt that energizes you with the energy of a bright summer! Its lemon color shines like the sun, and ethnic embroidery adds personality to the look. The 3/4 sleeves are perfect for cool mornings or evenings. This T-shirt will be a great addition to pleated shorts, creating a relaxed and stylish look.

Shorts With Pleats

    Made of breathable lightweight cotton, they are perfect for warm days. Elegant pleats add structure, and the high waistband emphasizes the waist beautifully. Pair them with your favorite sandals or sneakers for your everyday looks.

    Additional info

    This is a costume, suitable for women. The vest goes well with skirts, pants and shorts by Impact.

    Photos for size reference are below:


    Height: 165cm/5′ 4″

    Weight: 56kg/123lb

    Size: S


    Height: 165cm/5′ 4″

    Weight: 56kg/123lb

    Size: S

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